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The Johnny Ill Band single got reviewed at Terminal Boredom:

Johnny Ill Band s/t 7"

Detroit rocker Johnny Ill made an appearance on the X! Records 'Shifless Decay' comp, and I think his band has at least one Terrible Two in it. Four songs here with slightly varying styles, "The Doctor" is choppy pop-garage that sticks around a little after it's over, "Makes Them Feel Good" is twangy country-comedy. "Television Personality" is upbeat pop-sike (this one sounds like Jeff Novak if he grew up in Detroit) and "Rocketship" is the three-minute epic anthemic-rocker closer. Not too shabby, there's a certain goofy enjoyability to it that elevates the songs to just slightly better than mediocre. Packaging is top notch, the white inner sleeves are screened on both sides, die cut full-color outer with insert cut to match. He thanks Tom Perkins on the insert, what the hell ever happened to that guy's label?(RK)
(Kaboodle Records // myspace.com/kaboodlerecords)